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Recycling done in the shrink wrap and it conserves the water use

Recycling shrink wrap instead of disposing it may reduce overall waste disposal costs, and realizes environmental benefits over disposal which saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions; helps conserve natural resources; reduces both air and water pollution and conserves water use. On long road and sea journeys, shrink wrapping prevents damage from lengthy exposure to heavy weather and road grime. Unlike a tarpaulin, because the shrink wrap fits so tightly, it cannot flap or chafe, which is the secret of its strength.

boat shrink wrapping

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

If your boat has thru-hulls below the waterline that can’t be closed, it should be deposited aground for the winter. Raising and renewing a boat that sinks is a threatening job that can keep the boat in the repair patch for many weeks over the spring and summer. And all thru-hulls, especially the ones for the battleground drains, must be double-clamped with stainless steel hose clamps at each end. Shrink wrap is a low density polyethylene cocoon used by many boaters to protect their boats during storage and land transport. If you need to get onto the boat to work on it during the winter, be sure to ask the shrink wrapper to install a closure door. This will cost extra and also the closure door can be cut out in the spring.

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