Installing Shrink Wrap

Low density polyethylene are used for shrink wrapping of boats

Boat shrink-wrap is made of low-density polyethylene which can be reused and used in the manufacture of new products such as flexible bags, guard rail blocks, wheel chalks and plastic posters. Steel supports are best, but timber frames will also do the job if they have been inspected for declined wood and rusted closures. Shipping cradles are possibly good, but most will require some alteration to improve lateral support before they can be used for winter storage.

boat shrink wrapping

shrink wrap process

We will take down anything additional that we need to in order to protect the boat before we build our support structure. We try to cover as much of the boat as we can. In most cases this means down below the water line and below any exposed stripes.

Belly bands are straps that wrap around the boat, keeping the shrink wrap film tight. This allows for a tighter seal when the shrink wrap process is complete. Shrink wrap is combustible. You should keep a close eye on your boat until the finished it has returned to the particular temperature and be ready to put out a fire in the improbable event that one occurs. The structure is complete, a single piece of plastic is cut and draped over the boat and secured to the belly line. The plastic must then be sealed and heat welded together to create a snug fit around the top and sides of the boat. Our experts will wrap the boats and it will be protected safer.

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